Thursday, 15 March 2018

Things to Take Note on After Car Servicing

It is very expensive to purchase a car in today's economy. After purchasing a car, it should serve you well and make your traveling more efficient. This can only happen if the car is in a good working condition. To ensure that this is the case, the car needs regular servicing and repairs to its various parts. Parts that are worn out should also be replaced to ensure they work well. It is obvious you would not like to be involved in a car accident because you took too long to take your car for servicing.

However, proper servicing is just half the work. You are supposed to ensure that the service center where you took your car actually did a good job and have not compromised the quality of your car. It is important to note that not all these centers can be trusted in Singapore.
Before you leave with your car from the repair workshop, there are various items you need to check and various element you need to thoroughly assess. Some of the things you need to take note on after car servicing include:

Assess the repaired area.
There are cases where you will take your car to a service workshop so that a specific part that is either damaged, worn out or not working is repaired or replaced. It is not advisable to assume that the job has been done properly and immediately drive away with your car. Assess this auto part to ascertain that it has actually been replaced to a level that meets your specification. If the part is to be replaced, it is important to ensure that the new auto part meets the original specifications of the manufactures. Where the part is not compatible with the manufacturer's recommendation, the vehicle may malfunction one day which may lead to a fatal accident. This is definitely not what you would wish for.

Test-drive the car.
It is important to drive the car for a few kilometers to ensure it has actually been serviced in a way that meets your specific requirements. Note the difference that the service brings to your car. Where there have been major changes to the car engine, the test drive should cover a longer distance since this is a very sensitive part of a car. 

During the test drive concentrate on the sound produced by the car, how the windscreen wipers are working, how the gears are working and ensure the brakes are working well too.

Assess the lights.
Look at the lights inside the car, the lights used for signaling, the lights at the front and the lights at the back to have a guarantee that they have not been interfered with in a way that may make them not to work properly.

Check the brakes.
Breaks that are functioning properly are very important for your car. They can prevent the occurrence of an accident. Ensure that the brake pads are working well before you leave the service workshop. Where the brake pads are worn out, it is advisable to replace them.
The brake fluids should also be replaced on a regular basis to ensure that the functionality of the car is restored.

Ensure that the tires are properly aligned.
Where car-servicing involved the re-alignment of the tires, ensure that this is done properly. Balanced tires ensure seamless movement of the car. Where the tires do not have proper grasp as a result of worn out treads, it is important to replace them.
There are also dishonest people who may swap your tires. To ensure this does not happen to you, it is recommended that you properly assess these tires to ensure, they are the same ones that belong to your car.

Analyze the windscreen wipers.
You definitely know the important role your windscreen plays in the car. You must thus ensure it is in a proper working condition before you drive your car home. Its efficiency ensures your comfort and convenience. You may need to replace the fluids in some on a regular basis to ensure it works to the level that is expected.

Assess the air filter.
An air filter that is in a good working condition will ensure that your engine is healthy. This is because it will ensure that the engine receives clean air.

Ensure that the steering wheel is working properly.
If the steering wheel is not turning properly, there are chances that there may be a bigger underlying problem. It is, therefore, advisable that you ensure it is turning smoothly before you drive your car away from the workshop.

Check the level of fuel.
You should always ensure that you know the level of fuel in your car before you leave it in the workshop to ensure it is not misused by the attendants. Before leaving with your car, check again to ensure that what you left is what is available and that it has not been wasted.

Check your personal belonging.
Before taking your car to a service station, you should remove your sensitive personal belonging from it. However, there may be cases where this may not be possible. Some things such as spare tires and your personal toolbox may remain in the boot. In such circumstances, you should ensure that such items are there and are in good shape before driving your car home. Discovering that you have lost your items later may lead to a lot of inconveniences.

Check the items in the bill.
After your car has been serviced, you will be charged with a bill. This is what indicates the items that have been repaired, replaced or removed. Look at the items, their prices, and designs to be sure that they meet the specification requirements of your car. There is no point of servicing your car only for it to break down after a short period of time because the parts that were used were substandard.

Organize for an independent assessment.
There may be cases where you are not well-versed with the various auto parts. Under such circumstances, you should seek the services of an independent assessor who is experienced, reliable and whose reputation in this field is known. Ask for their expert opinion has been done properly.


Car-servicing costs money. You should, therefore, ensure it is done well so that the car can serve you well and for a long period of time.