Friday, 20 May 2016

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Scrimp On Vehicle Maintenance

A car is always a wonderful machine especially when you see it zooming majestically past you. Just like any other machine, it requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal functionality. It's always very frustrating when your car breaks down due to maintenance issues that could have been solved by regular maintenance practices. A lot of people try to scrimp on vehicle maintenance because they are trying to save on money or sometimes because they don't consider it necessary to carry out proper maintenance routines. A vehicle is a machine that can greatly frustrate you if it is not properly maintained. A lot of people fail to realize this until they are stranded somewhere in the middle of the night with a broken down vehicle. These are some of the reasons why you should strive to carry out proper vehicle maintenance.

1. Better performance
A machine can only function at an optimal level when it is properly maintained. Singapore has a lot of good roads and transport by road within the country is very efficient if you have a well maintained car. You car cannot move at the speed with which it is supposed to move if it is not well serviced. That is because some of the parts will not be functioning properly and thus the vehicle cannot also achieve optimal functionality. Sometimes you wonder why you have to step on the gas pedal so many times for your vehicle to gain speed; it's because your car is not well maintained. A well serviced car will serve you better because it can easily perform faster and better.

2. Avoid accidents
How many times have you heard stories about car-breaks failure? There have been several of them and in most of the cases it's usually the vehicle owners who are responsible. Breaks are a very critical part of the vehicular system and must be routinely and properly serviced. Worn break pads must be replaced with new ones of good quality. The break fluid should also be changed when necessary so that the breaking system of the vehicle is properly functional. Singapore has witnessed some of the worst car accidents as a result of break failure. Some of the small things that you ignore to service in your vehicle could actually prove to be fatal in the long run. Protect your life and the lives of the ones you love by properly servicing your vehicle parts.

3. Prevent costly repairs
A lot of people scrimp on vehicle maintenance to save money but that could actually cost you much more in the end. It is cheaper to service your vehicle engine properly and regularly as opposed to failing to do so and ending up buying a new one. Sometimes your vehicle can even be grounded for so long because of costly repairs that you end up losing a lot of business income or also spend so much for your money on alternative means of transport. It is easier to service than to replace because that will definitely cost you extra cash. Most people fail to understand that a vehicle is a machine and maintenance and repair is part and parcel of its very existence.

4. Prolong the life of the car
Your car could actually last longer if you don't compromise on its maintenance. Some cars get grounded too soon after being purchased from the showroom because of careless owners. There are people who use the same car for decades because of proper maintenance. There are also new cars that may appear aged due to lack of proper maintenance. Good vehicle maintenance practices will prolong the life of your car and also keep its value from plummeting.

5. More dependable
Machines can sometimes be very unpredictable because they can malfunction without any warning. Vehicles that are not regularly and properly maintained are even less dependable because they constantly malfunction. Well serviced vehicles on the other hand are highly reliable and even when used over a long distance, are likely to arrive at the desired destination without a hitch. It can be very frustrating when your vehicle constantly breaks down almost immediately when you want to use it. Important journeys could be delayed and even key business opportunities could be foregone. Your vehicle will be more dependable if you don't compromise on its maintenance.

6. Better gas mileage
You car will have better gas mileage if it's well maintained. A car that does not get good and regular maintenance services consumes a lot of fuel over the same distance when compared to well maintained vehicles. You actually save on your fuel expenditure by ensuring that your vehicle is properly serviced. This is just another example of how being scrimp on vehicle maintenance can actually cost you more money instead of saving it for you. As they say, cheap is definitely expensive.

7. Professional service
When you don't want to spend on your vehicle maintenance, chances are that you'll end up with less skilled mechanics because that is what your budget will get you. The problem with using people who are not well qualified is that you'll get below average services. It could even be more costly in the end when parts are not properly fixed or are mismatched. When you use professional mechanics, you'll be sure that you are getting value for money and that your car is properly serviced. It is important that you don't compromise on your vehicle maintenance and only use highly qualified professionals. It is also for your own safety because when parts are not properly fixed, the vehicle could easily malfunction and cause an accident.

8. Timely diagnostics
Have you ever seen a vehicle's tyres coming off mid-speed? If you have then you definitely know how important it is to regularly service your vehicle. Things such as loose bolts and nuts and also rusty joints can be discovered in good time and repaired so as to avoid accidents in the future. When regular and reliable vehicle maintenance is carried out, it is much easier to make timely diagnostics to avoid further damages. It is very cost effective to carry out repairs in good time rather than waiting until the vehicle actually breaks down.