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Car Servicing In Singapore

Vehicles, just like any other machine, need regular upkeep and servicing. Improper upkeep may make the cars inefficient and non-functional in the long run. This is a reason car servicing is so important today. A vehicle will always have a high performance if it is under routine servicing.

Servicing the car on your own

You should not depend on the garage mechanics to look after the car always. Every motorist must have some knowledge about the basic checks. This will help the motorist to do the regular checks on their own.

DIY safety checks will help you save a lot of money, besides boosting your car safety. Checking the engine oils, refrigerant levels, tire pressure and tread depth regularly will certainly keep the car running for a long time.

Even though these checks are not mandatory, regular upkeep will certainly save you from a lot of problems. If any of these components get too low, it can take a serious toll on the car.

Be Aware:
Some companies do not provide you the cost sheet upfront. Pay attention to such attributes. Make it mandatory to check all the pricing policies and tariff. An honest company would be straight forward about their services and pricing strategies. Don't be a victim to these kind of foul plays and drain your money.

Why Car service?

Car service provider are very polite, well behaved and well-mannered individuals. The Car driven Limousines are very popular for the same reason. They either reach before or on time but are never late. They add a touch of royalty to your trip.

Now that you have learnt to deal with the Car Services, get your trip started with a curve on your lips and positivity in your attitude.

Even if the impairment does not cause an accident, it can certainly affect your bank balance. Regular upkeep will certainly help you avoid the costly repairs and make the car more fuel-efficient. So, you can cut your fuel expenses to a certain extent.

Car servicing and its different types

If you care about the vehicle safety, book a car upkeep service at least once in a year. Most auto repair garages mostly offer three different services. These are oil servicing, interim upkeep servicing, and complete upkeep servicing. Reasonably new vehicles mean enhanced levels of comfort.

Don't get confused with the various available models. Just go with your requirement.

The vehicles are meticulously maintained and come with a promise of not giving you the trouble of breakdown which is everyone's basic priority.

You must choose a service according to your needs. If you drive the vehicle regularly, then you must look for a complete upkeep servicing. Although it is good to choose a complete service, these are pretty costly as compared to the others. So, you must keep the budget in mind too.

Oil servicing is the boost basic auto upkeep service. Oil and oil filter replacement, headlights, tire and exhaust checks come under this basic service. Regular drivers must choose between an interim service and a complete annual upkeep service.

The average interim session mostly includes 25-30 performance checks on your vehicle. The annual upkeep service offers more than 50 different checks, to keep your vehicle up and running. These services make the car safe and MOT worthy as well.

Booking an auto repair service

Choosing a reliable car repair professional is not an easy thing. Try to find a reliable garage in your locality. Ask your friends, neighbors or relatives for referrals. You can also browse the internet to find a quality professional. If you research well, finding a quality professional will no longer seem difficult.

The element of reliability is likewise one more reason why as to why many people today prefer limo services and car hire services. Just place an appointment or book services from the net and the next day your car rental company could be in your premises to offer you the help that you might want. Most of the rental-car companies here have got websites online. Search the internet to find their websites and also download their service quotes.

If at all your home is in the region, you will concur by himself we now have also many car hire companies here. The escalating volume of tourists flocking this region is probably the major reasons factors the number of tourists coming here has become increasing fast. Again, if you need to attend one impressive occasion just like prom parties or wedding events you'll be able to still avail limo services from all of these rental car companies.

Many reasons exist that explains why you would seek most of these services here. Unlike the bus means, car rental services less difficult accessible and reliable. By accessibility, which means that it is possible to avail these facilities anytime you want. Public transportation means are not as accessible. Their schedules will also be not too flexible. If ever you would like flexible services, rental car is the foremost selection for you to avail.

The part of reliability can be another reason as to why plenty of people prefer limo services and rental-car services generally speaking. You can easily place a call or book services from the internet and subsequently day the vehicle rental company could be for your premises to offer the services which you will want. Most of the rental-car companies in this area currently have websites on the internet. You can look the internet to find their websites as well as download their service quotes.

To land the very best limo services, comparing quotes from different companies might be an advantage to do. At least by running this comparison, you will end up assured that you will have the most inexpensive but still exquisite services. You can browse various company websites before you make your final decision on any particular company. Just make sure that this company that you simply finally determine is the greatest worthy of your preferences. Research various rental-car companies and seek referrals from friends and family.

Friday, 14 October 2016

6 Myths about Front Wheel Alignment Debunked

One of the most common complaints told by car owners whenever they visit the shop of car service provider is that their car vibrates while driving on highways. It may need front wheel alignment according to them. In response to such complaints the service providers usually suggest the need of balancing of the wheels instead of their alignment. But people still insist on the alignment of the front wheel of their car as their family or friends might have suggested them in this regard.

In this way people usually face various types of myths about the front wheel alignment of their car. Before exploring these mythologies you must know some basic things regarding the alignment of your car wheels.

What is the alignment of the wheels?

The alignment of the car wheels is an operation conducted by a technician to ensure that all the wheels of a vehicle are pointing in the right direction as suggested by the manufacturer of that vehicle. Normally it can be done just by using a piece of string and a measuring tape but most of the professional service providers use very expensive and sophisticated machines equipped with lasers and computerised systems to ensure the accuracy of your wheels as well as the technical adjustments made by them.

Importance of wheel alignment

The wheels on a car normally look pointing forward and are straight up and down when you see on them. But actually the suspension, steering and brakes designed by the manufacturer of the vehicle work properly only if all of its wheels are pointed in a particular direction specifically. You will have to face a number of problems if the direction of all the four wheels is changed even by one degree. These problems may include adverse fuel efficiency, handling problem as well as early wearing out of the tires etc.

Recognising the need of wheel alignment

There are certain signs which can help you to recognise the need of alignment for your car wheels, even if you are not versed with technicalities in this regard. One of the main sign is uneven wearing of your tire. This can be observed visually as well as by running your hand on the surface of the tire. Uneven wearing of the tire can also be observed, if the tire makes noise excessively. Another symptom of the need of alignment can be inability to drive the vehicle in a straight line even on a levelled and flat surface. But uneven pressure of air in the tires can also be the cause of this problem. You may also need wheel alignment if your car has smacked a curb or hit a big pothole on the road.

But many times people go for front wheel alignment as they are inspired by certain myths suggested by their family and friends in this regard. Some of these myths are briefly discussed here under to expose their reality.

Myth 1: Vibration while driving on the road
If the front wheels of the car are out of alignment then they cannot cause a vibration by themselves. But it can be one of the causes of vibration in certain cases. The vibration in the car while driving it on the highway can be caused due to various reasons. They may occur alone or in combination of various other reasons including:

- Damaged tires, one or more
- Tiers worn unevenly
- Bent wheels, one or more
- Out of balance tire and wheel combos, one or more
- Worn or damaged components of brake
- Worn or damaged components of suspension
- Worn, damaged or out of balance drive axle
- Hesitation in the engine
- Problem in transmission

Myth 2: Vehicle pulling to one side
If your vehicle is pulling in one direction while driving it on highway then it can be one of the causes of misalignment of the front wheels but it cannot be limited to it as there can be other reasons for this problem. It can be due to problem in its tires like under inflation of the tires, separation of internal belt or wrong size of the tires. Loosening of the steering parts or suspension can also cause randomly pulling of the vehicle in both the directions. So before going for front wheel alignment you should check all the other possibilities also.

Myth 3: Problem in steering the vehicle
If you are experiencing problem in steering your car then it can be due to various other reasons also along with misalignment of toe angle of the wheels. It can be due to wearing of the components of steering wheel. So you should check it before going for front wheel alignment.

Myth 4: Unstable driving of the vehicle
If the caster angle of your wheels is not as per manufacturer’s specification then your vehicle can be shaky while driving on highway but it cannot be the only reason for this problem. Worn out parts of the suspension of your vehicle, warped rotors of the brake or unbalanced tires can also cause instability on your vehicle.

Myth 5: Noisy vehicle
Problem in the suspension or steering system of your vehicle can sometimes cause squeaking, knocking, rubbing or creaking sounds while driving it on road. Such strange sounds are also caused due to its worn out or loose components. So before proceeding for front wheel alignment you should check all the parts of its steering and suspension.

Myth 6: Uneven wearing of tires
Misalignment of the front wheels can also be one of the causes of uneven wearing of its front tires but there can be several other reasons also for this problem. Problem in steering and suspension can also cause uneven wearing of the tire but if they are correct then you will have search other reasons. In order to diagnose the right reason of this problem you should observe the style of its wearing. If its one side is wearing faster than other then it can be due to misalignment of camber angle of the wheel.

So, before attempting for front wheel alignment of your car you should consider all the myths discussed in this write-up to avoid unnecessary expenditure on it.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

11 Reasons Why Your Car Aircon Is Smelly

An A/c unit is an essential thing in your car. Nevertheless, you might not that it has some issues that you must address with the auto air conditioning. Most people have been frustrated when trying to find a lasting solution for themselves. However, when you know the solution, you will find yourself in a position to get the best services well in Singapore. Those people who have had information on the reasons that might make their auto air conditioning to have a foul-smell has been crucial when offering these alternatives. Having a stinky automobile air conditioning might lower your convenience especially when driving your vehicle for longer distances. As a result, one might need to fix the trouble promptly to give the idea when looking for a solution. Here are some aspects, which could create a stinky air conditioning in your car.

What can make your Car Aircon to start to smell? The following are the 11 Reasons Why Your Car Aircon is Smelly: 

1. Mold and mildew
Mold and mildew is among the most usual element, which could trigger a foul-smelling car air conditioning. When you have some mildews and mold that have the capability of triggering bad smells on an air conditioning unit of your auto, you should know what you must do when you want a perfect solution. The system of air conditioning is generally humidify right air inside the automobile. You will get these chemical options, which could be easily utilized when decreasing mildew and mold development in the car or auto.

2. Gas leakage
Some people may struggle with a gas leakage scent after they switch on the air conditioning unit. Always a gas leakage gives an extra and usual aspect, which could set off that growth of foul smell in your car. You must know ways of ensuring you have a vehicle that will work with sense when the switch on the air conditioning system right inside your automobile. One must remember that gas odor could always go through the a/c before entering your indoor in the vehicle. You must try to fix it as soon as possible when you want a perfect solution in Singapore.

3. Filthy filter
This Filthy filter has always been among the reasons why you might have bad smells that originates from the A/C system. You will realize that the air filter is very helpful to filter those pollutants from air conditioning device that you might be using. For example, when you have dirt, mold or mildew, and other pollutants, you will find a solution for yourself.

4. Dripping in cooling unit and cooling down heating
Many of these new air conditionings systems often deal with cooling heating as well as cooling unit. When you want a heating and cooling unit that you will need, you must be ready to understand one that will work for you when planning to buy them. With a dripped cooling heating as well as cooling unit, you will create bad smells on the ac system inside the car. This could sometimes originate from fluid ethylene glycol. You should understand it before ensuring that you use it well when learning on how it works perfectly.

5. Too much condensation of water
There are many instances where you will have ac unit that collect more water from condensation. Too much water on this device might lead to bad smells in the car. You should find a solution on how to do it especially when finding ways of fixing these condensation air conditioner to ensure it works well through condensation cooling and heating unit could function in effective way with that best temperature level of heating and its cooling unit. You must find a way of using this when you want to find the best option that will work for you perfectly.

6. Obstructed air cooling and conditioning heating unit
When you have an obstructed air conditioning air conditioner, it might likewise generate bad smells. If you get it blocked, you get ability of scenting some smells that may originate from these pollutants, like germs, mold, mildew, or dirt. How do you deal with it? You must wash the air conditioning air conditioner as routine as possible when you want the best options. By doing this, your car will stay clean thus protecting it against obstructions of air conditioning unit that often occurs when using it.

7. Unrestrained microorganisms development
Unrestrained microorganisms development is a trouble that additionally create bad smells to originate from your car air conditioning device. You might find that it has germs that create bad smells, such as Aspergillus and Penicillium in Singapore. You should find a solution on how to deal with these germs.

8. Poor hygiene 
You must ensure that you keep the car clean when you want to avoid bad smell that often comes from the dirt on the car. Through proper cleaning, you will ensure that you do get beneficial ideas that will help you get rid of these bad smells from auto air conditioning.

9. Growth of microorganisms
As this outcome, you should understand that it might enhance that opportunity of mildew and mold development. You should know what will work for you as advised that you will wash your air conditioning more consistently when eliminating some mildews and mold from the ac unit.
10. Lack of proper car maintenance 
When the filter is filthy, one might have that ability of scent the bad smells that may originate from an air conditioning system. You will learn on the filter to be cleaned up within a month as a way of maintaining it functional and in a correct manner. In many cases, one could should change it with a brand-new one in singapore.

11. Inability to change your carburetor 
When you do not change the carburetor, you will find a solution that would work for yourself when finding a solution. You need to look at the available aspects, so that you can have the capability of getting rid of these weird scents effortlessly.

In conclusion, the above are the 11 Reasons Why Your Car Aircon can be Smelly to look after when you want to enjoy your drive for longer distances without having discomforts in Singapore.

Monday, 29 August 2016

How Often Should You Change the Engine Air Filter?

Oil filter is filter that filters air to ensure its dust free from the air that is heading to the combustion chamber to necessitate combustion. It has been recommended whenever the vehicle is under service to change the old oil the filter should also be replaced with a new one. This ensure that when new engine oil is added there are no any dirt or rust particle which may interfere with the normal functioning of engine. This is due to the essence that the oil filter will be usually very dirty and they may not be actually compatible with the new engine oil, (Terwiesch,Loch, Meyer, 2002)

· Servicing of a vehicle on how often change one should change the air filter will vary from one country to another also depending the company that manufactured the vehicle. Some of engine manufacturing company such Chevrolet engines recommended that oil filter changed after interval of every 45,000 miles while Ford usually recommend that it should be done for every 30,000 miles which is commonly in many engines.

· The condition of changing the air filter will also depend on other factors such as heavy traffic in hot weather condition and in areas where the roads are unpaved. This necessitates the changing of the air filter frequently.

· Some countries like Singapore where the driving distance may not be large as per recommendation by engine manufactures it is therefore recommended the air filter to be changed for every 5000 km not the recommended way in which the change of the air filter should be done for every 10,000 km. The normal change of oil filter as stated is 10,000 km for long distance but this is controversial to Singapore as mentioned that the change should actually take place for every distance of 5000 km to remove any dirt and dust particles.

· If the air is contaminated it has been seen that the combustion rate is not too efficient thus the cleaner the air the better combustion. The rule behind changing may not be regulated by a lot of factors as it is just as simple as when it is dirty just take it out and clean it to ensure it is dust free. The only simple way to detect whether the air filter has dust particles just remove it and slightly hit it over a wall and if you notice it is emitting a lot of dust just simply clean it. The accumulation of dust particles may accumulate over time thus leading to obstruction of the air filter thus not allowing air to enter into combustion chamber. Measures should be taken before this accumulation covers the whole air filter.

· Due to dust conditions in some areas in Singapore it is highly recommend that for safety purposes of good combustion in engine there should be serviced at a regular check up of the air filter to ensure that the air filter do not hold a lot of dust particles which eventually may lead to poor combustion.

· In some incidence one may not be able to detect when he/she may need to replace the air filter but one may start seeing some black spot in the areas where the air enters before combustion takes place. In most of the air filter that are manufactured or imported to Singapore they are very fairly and easy to access thus giving one a room to access this information from the information from the user manual provided by the company that manufactured that air filter type.

· If one in Singapore cannot be able to detect this condition in air filter even after the vehicles moves an average milestone of 10,000km it is highly recommended that one should get a new one to replace the old one. This is attributed due to the fact that the lifespan of that air filter has higher chances of not working in normal manner. It may not show the dust particles that have very poor combustion rate due to the fact of the life span of at least three year.

· Air filter sometimes has some factors linked to the condition affecting oil filter in that in some areas where you notice that you should replace the oil filter it is also advisable that one to replace also the air filter to avoid malfunctioning which is revealed by poor combustion. Sometime it is highly recommended that one to shine flashlight from the air inside and if one is able to see that beam of light cannot penetrate through the fold then it is highly advisable that to spring into air to filter it for maintenance purposes,(Ginestet, Pugnet, Rowley,Bull, Yeomans, 2005).

· In Singapore we expect most of drivers can use the same air filter for a period of more than one year and probably at least two years so as to ensure that there is a good combustion. This life span of air filter is only if one ensures a regular check up to ensure that there is no any black casing within the air filter. If you detect that the black casing is bending the ridges it is advisable that one to purchase a new one even if the period that is expected by the company manufactures is not over since this will significantly affect the combustion and also make sure the casing is tightly covered to prevent allowing in dust particles easily, (Boriboonsomsin, Vu, Barth, 2010).

· In some research work done on the how the air filter affect the economy it was found that clogged air filter won’t significantly affect Singapore fuel economy. From the findings of this research work it was found that despite it may not significantly affect country fuel economy it may accelerate it by 6-percent to 11-percent.

· In conclusion we can notice that it is very hard to measure this acceleration than fuel for one to detect a gradual loss in performance. To be able to evade this condition it is highly recommended that people within Singapore to ensure regular check up of air filter after certain duration.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

How Important Is It To Change The Black Oil In Servicing?

Oil is a critical component in motoring. Not only in regular motor vehicles, but also in other assorted types of machinery such as trucks, tractors and lawn mowers. This is the reason you will notice the car drivers in Singapore marking their notebooks after every 3000 kilometers. Servicing is the routine maintenance of the car where crucial components including oil, spark plugs, and other car components are checked and replaced. Other aspects of the car that have fallen out of shape are fine-tuned and restored. 

What you need to know is that changing the black oil is the easiest thing that you can do to extend the life of your car engine. Drivers who fail to change their oil in due time have found this to be a costly affair. Interestingly, it is such a simple process that can save you lots of time if you are prompt and serious about your car.

Car servicing

When your car is designed, the manufacturer sets out a time interval within which the car has to be serviced for it run safely and efficiently. Typically, car most manufacturers set distance not less than 3000 kilometers as the time-distance interval that determines when you should take your car for servicing. If you subject your vehicle to tough conditions, then you can take it to the mechanic as often as you like. You do not have to necessarily stick to this schedule. The difference in service time among manufacturers is due to the variations in the engine, transmission, and mileage.

Of course, if your car is still under a warranty cover, you must be extra careful not to violate the conditions set in the agreement. One of these conditions includes the distance set for service, which if violated renders the warranty null and void. Those vehicles that are not covered by a warranty have much more flexible schedules and the garages have designed their customized services. They include interim service, major service, full service, oil change, filter change among others.

Below are some reasons why you should have your oil changed during servicing:

1. Improved gas mileage
Continued usage of the car results in increased friction of the engine. Consequently, your vehicle slows down as moving parts fail to work at optimum levels as they used to. Replacing the dirty black oil is going to restore the car function and reduce this friction. Whereas the friction cannot be eliminated (friction is also important for movement), it can be reduced, and you will get better mileage for every liter of fuel.

2. Prevents the buildup of sludge
The running of the engine results in accumulation of dirt particles and other kinds of debris. Despite the fact that filters are present and it’s their primary function to trap such dirt, depositions are bound to occur. Such accumulations of debris eventually wear down your car engine. Taking your car for service means that your engine will be checked and such depositions removed. Filters and oil go hand in hand. So, changing the oil implies that the filters will also be changed.

3. Reduces emissions
You have experienced it. Ever had a car with dark fumes blow the exhaust on your face? Well, it not only smells bad but is also a nasty experience. Besides the discomfort that it causes, it also emits harmful fumes into the environment. You guessed it right. The black, unchanged Oil is the culprit. Singaporean authorities are also on the lookout for such vehicles that have a high level of toxic emissions. Imagine that such small problems can have you pulled over and made to pay fines for an issue that could have been rectified easily. Fresh oil is going to reduce the carbon footprint that is emitted into the atmosphere.

4. Improved performance
If you desire a smooth ride, then it all happens in the engine. Your car engine has to be well lubricated. Brand new cars are much quieter than their old counterparts for good reason. Their engines, pistons and other moving parts are well lubricated. However, after prolonged use especially with a negligent driver, the engine starts to wear off, and all kinds of noises start to emerge. So, for a silent engine, just eradicate the black oil and you will have smooth trips.

5. Increased engine lifetime
The engine ceases its normal function as a result of wear and tear. Yes. Every system that is subjected to friction has to wear off at some point. The car engine is no exception. Instead of watching it all happen, you could just change your oil as frequently as possible. Even though your engine wears off, the rate at which this happens is substantially reduced. An extra two years added to the life of your car translates to a lot of savings. Every extra month that you have your vehicle at optimum performance is worth every oil change and servicing.

Oil and technological advancements

Car owners that have been in the business long enough know that there has been a dramatic shift in the way cars use oil. Previously, oil had to be regularly changed after few kilometers. However, that scenario is quickly changing. Today’s drivers can go a little longer than they used to before without having to worry about changing the oil. The reason for this is that engine development has improved, and the ones being produced right now are better off in fuel burning. They are so efficient that very small depositions of sludge and debris occur.

Additionally, oil technology has improved and we now have oils that have detergent properties. As such, when oil moves in the engine, the dirt, sludge and debris are picked up by the oil and are removed during servicing. The problem arises only when the sludge and the contaminants have risen beyond a certain level. You could have an oil test carried out on your vehicle, but that is inefficient. The best thing is to simply follow the manufacturers’ guidelines on the time-distance that you should have your engine checked and the oil changed.

Most of today’s engines use the multi-grade viscosity engine oil. This kind of oil has a different viscosity at various temperatures. When the engine is cold, the oil is less viscous; hence the engine will start more easily. When the engine is hot, the oil is more viscous, and the engine is protected for optimum performance. Forget about the 3000km rule. With these advancements you can change your oil after an extended period, but only if you are using the modern engine oils. Ultimately, you should not let your oil become black until it is no longer functional.

Friday, 20 May 2016

8 Reasons Why You Should Not Scrimp On Vehicle Maintenance

A car is always a wonderful machine especially when you see it zooming majestically past you. Just like any other machine, it requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal functionality. It's always very frustrating when your car breaks down due to maintenance issues that could have been solved by regular maintenance practices. A lot of people try to scrimp on vehicle maintenance because they are trying to save on money or sometimes because they don't consider it necessary to carry out proper maintenance routines. A vehicle is a machine that can greatly frustrate you if it is not properly maintained. A lot of people fail to realize this until they are stranded somewhere in the middle of the night with a broken down vehicle. These are some of the reasons why you should strive to carry out proper vehicle maintenance.

1. Better performance
A machine can only function at an optimal level when it is properly maintained. Singapore has a lot of good roads and transport by road within the country is very efficient if you have a well maintained car. You car cannot move at the speed with which it is supposed to move if it is not well serviced. That is because some of the parts will not be functioning properly and thus the vehicle cannot also achieve optimal functionality. Sometimes you wonder why you have to step on the gas pedal so many times for your vehicle to gain speed; it's because your car is not well maintained. A well serviced car will serve you better because it can easily perform faster and better.

2. Avoid accidents
How many times have you heard stories about car-breaks failure? There have been several of them and in most of the cases it's usually the vehicle owners who are responsible. Breaks are a very critical part of the vehicular system and must be routinely and properly serviced. Worn break pads must be replaced with new ones of good quality. The break fluid should also be changed when necessary so that the breaking system of the vehicle is properly functional. Singapore has witnessed some of the worst car accidents as a result of break failure. Some of the small things that you ignore to service in your vehicle could actually prove to be fatal in the long run. Protect your life and the lives of the ones you love by properly servicing your vehicle parts.

3. Prevent costly repairs
A lot of people scrimp on vehicle maintenance to save money but that could actually cost you much more in the end. It is cheaper to service your vehicle engine properly and regularly as opposed to failing to do so and ending up buying a new one. Sometimes your vehicle can even be grounded for so long because of costly repairs that you end up losing a lot of business income or also spend so much for your money on alternative means of transport. It is easier to service than to replace because that will definitely cost you extra cash. Most people fail to understand that a vehicle is a machine and maintenance and repair is part and parcel of its very existence.

4. Prolong the life of the car
Your car could actually last longer if you don't compromise on its maintenance. Some cars get grounded too soon after being purchased from the showroom because of careless owners. There are people who use the same car for decades because of proper maintenance. There are also new cars that may appear aged due to lack of proper maintenance. Good vehicle maintenance practices will prolong the life of your car and also keep its value from plummeting.

5. More dependable
Machines can sometimes be very unpredictable because they can malfunction without any warning. Vehicles that are not regularly and properly maintained are even less dependable because they constantly malfunction. Well serviced vehicles on the other hand are highly reliable and even when used over a long distance, are likely to arrive at the desired destination without a hitch. It can be very frustrating when your vehicle constantly breaks down almost immediately when you want to use it. Important journeys could be delayed and even key business opportunities could be foregone. Your vehicle will be more dependable if you don't compromise on its maintenance.

6. Better gas mileage
You car will have better gas mileage if it's well maintained. A car that does not get good and regular maintenance services consumes a lot of fuel over the same distance when compared to well maintained vehicles. You actually save on your fuel expenditure by ensuring that your vehicle is properly serviced. This is just another example of how being scrimp on vehicle maintenance can actually cost you more money instead of saving it for you. As they say, cheap is definitely expensive.

7. Professional service
When you don't want to spend on your vehicle maintenance, chances are that you'll end up with less skilled mechanics because that is what your budget will get you. The problem with using people who are not well qualified is that you'll get below average services. It could even be more costly in the end when parts are not properly fixed or are mismatched. When you use professional mechanics, you'll be sure that you are getting value for money and that your car is properly serviced. It is important that you don't compromise on your vehicle maintenance and only use highly qualified professionals. It is also for your own safety because when parts are not properly fixed, the vehicle could easily malfunction and cause an accident.

8. Timely diagnostics
Have you ever seen a vehicle's tyres coming off mid-speed? If you have then you definitely know how important it is to regularly service your vehicle. Things such as loose bolts and nuts and also rusty joints can be discovered in good time and repaired so as to avoid accidents in the future. When regular and reliable vehicle maintenance is carried out, it is much easier to make timely diagnostics to avoid further damages. It is very cost effective to carry out repairs in good time rather than waiting until the vehicle actually breaks down.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Benefits Of Periodic Vehicle Maintenance

As a car owner there’s certain convenience to being able to drive around for work or pleasure, but in order to enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride without a dreadful breakdown every now and then, your car needs proper maintenance. This doesn’t mean spending all your weekends under the hood looking measuring fluids and looking for leakages; just periodic vehicle maintenance is enough to keep things working at their best.

Some of the reasons why many people tend to ignore car maintenance until the engine stops is the cost that comes with repairs; not to mention the time and hassle. But even so, car ownership doesn’t have to be a nightmare every time you drive into a workshop; just find a mechanic you trust and create a schedule for maintenance.

So what are the benefits of periodic vehicle maintenance?

1. Maintains the value of your car
Unless you’re driving a classic limited edition, your car is likely losing value at a fast rate, and when it comes time to sell or trade for another car at the dealership, you’ll wish you hadn’t dented it so many times. The overall condition of a secondhand car can impact its value by a large sum, and that’s something you can control by establishing a maintenance program. When you spend money on maintenance you will be motivated to take proper care of the car.

2. Enhances reliability
As a trusted car owner you wouldn’t want your vehicle to underperform because you’re not taking good care of it- that would be a bad impression on you. Neglecting the recommended maintenance will invariably have a negative effect on any machine, not just your car. However routine tune-ups and even a regular oil change can make a great difference in the long run.

When you consider environmental effects, a poorly maintained car does more to pollute the environment than a clean, well preserved car. Check smoke emissions and fuel use to see how your car is contributing to pollution.

3. Its cost-effective
Regular inspection and tune-ups actually save you money in the long run because a vehicle in good condition will perform better and will need fewer repairs. In addition, fuel consumption is heavily influenced by the condition of the car, which is to say you can’t save money by not fixing your car.

When buying a new car, be sure to check what the manufacturer says about maintenance costs, and find out whether you can afford to keep it in good condition.

4. It’s a way to prevent future problems 
The single best thing about performing regular maintenance for your car is the fact that it allows you and your mechanic to spot problems before they get too serious. As with any machine, a car breaks down gradually, and a small problem can evolve into a complicated mess needing large sums of money to repair. That is exactly why industry experts encourage car owners to be more involved in the maintenance of their vehicles.

Minor problems like a coolant leak from a loose hose connection can get more serious; for instance if the hose disconnects the engine will overheat due to lack of coolant. One sure way to avoid this is to not ignore the check engine light when it flickers.

5. Ensure family safety
Nobody wants to have their family travel in an unsafe car, especially during bad weather or when travelling long distances. The tires are particularly susceptible to wear and tear, and if you don’t have traction when driving on bad roads, that would jeopardize your safety and that of everybody travelling with you.

If you insist on regular oil changes, fluid top-offs, filter changes, tire rotation and pressure checks, your car will have excellent fuel economy and performance will be optimal. Remember to keep all documentation relating to regular maintenance, in addition to any other repairs or upgrades done on the side, as these will help prevent redundant repairs.

Keep it clean
If other drivers on the road are noticing dirt on your car, then it’s time you cleaned the car. Cleaning the car also helps get rid of buildup that can damage paint. Salt and sand tend to accumulate on the exterior during winter and it needs to be washed off before it forms a thick ugly layer on your paintjob.

Likewise, the interior also needs to be vacuumed once in a while, and more often if you have kids and pets, or if you like to eat in the car.

Talk to your mechanic 
Most car manufacturers will include details of the maintenance schedule on their website and the car manual but if you feel the need to consult a third party on this, there are good reliable car experts who can advise you depending on the type of car you drive.

Find the best garage near you and stick with one or two mechanics
This sound obvious but you may not realize how easy it is to get duped or overcharged when you keep hopping from one mechanic to the next. It doesn’t make sense to do that unless you’re travelling across the country. Also, mechanics can unwittingly misdiagnose problems with your car- but that would be harder to do if the mechanic had a working knowledge of your particular car and driving habits.

What to look for in a repair shop
If you get that sneaky suspicion that you are paying to fix something that is unnecessary or for one reason or another you don’t like the service at your local garage, then it’s time to get another place. The first thing you want to avoid when dealing with mechanics is the usual scare tactics. Usual warnings include “I wouldn’t drive this another kilometer”: in that case just look for another mechanic.

Good repair shops have all relevant licensing and positive reviews; and at least one person who can vouch for them. Check online to see which shops are best for your car model and make sure to compare costs between different shops- but don’t automatically go for the cheapest, as that may prove to be a liability at some point.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

9 Most Common Car Repairs in Singapore

Owning a car comes with many conveniences for most Singaporeans. Vehicles enable us to move with ease and carry who and what we want. For this convenience to be fully enjoyed, it is very important to ensure that the car is in its right condition. No one wants to deal with breakdowns in the middle of the journey. 85 percent of the time, technicians deal with common car problems to ensure that you are on the road, the other 15% is something you can do on your own if you have the proper knowledge. Here are nine problems you should ensure are always fixed to keep your car in good health.

1. Brake repairs and adjustments. For the most part, a car needs a new set of brakes at every 40,000 miles of driving. Before this is done, it is important to have routine checks of the discs, pads and drums every now and then. Brakes should be properly adjusted and balanced to ensure driver safety. Any worn out part should be replaced to prevent it from wearing out the other parts. The brake fluid levels should be okay at all times. Check for burst brake pipes and get them replaced whenever necessary.

2. Oil changes. This is very important for the well-being of the engine. Old engine or transmission oil exposes the moving components to damage. This is very risky as it may cause the car engine to knock. It also reduces the engine life and ultimately that of the car. When doing the oil changes, ensure that the auto shops change the oil filters, top up transmission and differential oils and ensure the air cleaners are dust free. Always keep a tag or reminder in the vehicle for when the next oil change is due, this is usually recorded as mileage. The dipstick under your hood should always tell you if the oil levels are okay. Check it every morning before you start the vehicle.

3. Oil leaks. Oily patches on the drive way or garage floor should raise your concern. They are indicators of leaking components on your car. Get those checked out and repaired at your favorite auto shop before the damage is too big. Ensure that the oil is topped up to the right amount, just in case the levels are below what is normal. Always drive carefully to avoid the car from being hit from below.

4. Tire repairs and replacements. Tires are a very important component on the vehicle. Proper tires mean better control of the vehicle. Good tires ensure that the car’s fuel consumption is good. Worn out tires pose a danger to the driver and other road users. It is important that all tires are well aligned to ensure proper control. Repair punctured tires and replace busted ones as soon as possible. To get most out of your tires, rotate them around the vehicle from time to time. Tire pressure should always be at recommended units. Carry a spare tire at all times.

When doing tire repairs, remember to ensure that your car jack is functioning properly and that you have the wheel spanner in the vehicle.

5. Battery repairs. Nothing is as frustrating as a car that won’t start. 95% of the time, this happens because of the battery. There is a timeline before a car battery can be replaced. This is normally five to six years of use. To get the most out of the battery, make sure that the terminals are okay. Insulate any live wires that may cause a shot in the electric system. The battery acid levels should always be checked and battery acid or water added where necessary. Proper clamping of the battery reduced vibrations that may damage the battery cells.

Always have a pair of jumpers just in case your battery won’t start.

6. Fuel systems. Cars stall many a times because of failure in the fuel systems. The problem could be anywhere from the fuel pump to the filters or pipes. The pump should be unclogged and the filters changed regularly. The pipes should be checked for leaks to prevent fires and wastage. Always do a routine tank clean up to remove residue. Having more than a quarter tank of gas will prevent the pumps from getting clogged. Always use clean gas, avoid filling up where the gas can be mixed with something else for more profits.

7. Cooling system repairs. A car cooling system should be well maintained for proper engine maintenance. The radiator should be checked for leaks. Blowing the radiator with high pressure water should remove soil, insects and such other debris that gets in the way of proper air intake. Flush out coolants and replace them as often as possible. Ensure water levels are okay every day before driving off.

8. Electrical system. Most of this can be fixed by simple replacement. Fuses and lamp bulbs that are blown can be replaced with the extras that come with most vehicles. There are some components that need the attention of the professionals at the auto shops. Spark plugs are a common problem. Get these checked and replaced regularly. Your auto shop should check windows, mirrors, heaters, coolers, and the air con for any malfunction. Live wires should be checked and either insulated with duct tape or replaced all together. Avoid starting the vehicle when the electrical components like the radio are on.

9. Transmission system repairs. Transmission repairs are mostly the don’t-do-it-yourself type. This is because they are technical and expensive. You may need bearings and the clutch plate replaced from every now and then. Usually, the oil levels should be checked and topped up to the right amount.

Most of the common repairs are do it yourself projects. Ensure you have the proper tools and equipment, and that you have proper knowledge before doing any repairs. Always hire a professional to carry out the more technical ones. Give attention to the vehicle, always looking out for anything unusual. A regular diagnosis of the car will ensure you arrest any problem before it becomes a money robber.

Get tips from other car users and your auto shop concerning the common repairs. This will always prepare you for anything.